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    Providing expertise on a short-term, interim and part-time basis

  • Covering a vacancy

    Data Governance is an ongoing activity and if your person has moved on, then it can take several months to find a permanent replacement, once you've advertised, selected and let the successful candidate conclude any notice period.


    An interim expert not only keeps your processes and activities running smoothly, but is able to use their short-term status to make impactful changes to the data organisation, and provide and "outsider's view".

    Getting Data Governance off the ground

    In our experience, we have found that the skillset for setting up Data Governance is not the same as the skillset for running it on an ongoing basis.


    Typically, those setting it up need a project-led approach, focused on deliverables and gaining buy-in from stakeholders.


    Those running it later on should be capable of maintaining consistent performance and refining activities iteratively.


    Datazed Associates can help with the former, getting you ready to hand over to your permanent team member.


    We are also able to support you in the hiring process through CV review, shortlisting and interviewing.

    Part-time support

    Data Governance is a niche area and strong candidates are expensive. Moreover, data governance teams are generally small compared to the size of the business, and it can be challenging to add headcount in this space.


    If budget is lacking, then the hires are likely to be relatively junior or inexperienced, which may not be what you need.


    If you can bring in a senior person, you may not be able to utilise their skills fully for 52 weeks of the year.


    As an alternative, we can provide Data Governance colleagues on a part-time basis, which you could schedule around key periods such as reporting cycles or annual reviews.


    This gives you the senior, experienced input, but at much lower annual cost.


    For UK businesses, we can work with you to define Statements of Work which clarify that the services provided are outside of IR35. This can be further validated using external status checks such as those provided by QDOS.

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