• Case Studies

    Some examples of what we've been up to

  • The firm weighed down with too many data controls

    This business had put in place a sophisticated controls structure to ensure that the necessary activities around data were in place. However, the activities required to complete the controls were too time consuming and onerous.


    The controls became a tick-box activity and users were not able to trust their data.


    Datazed reviewed the operational framework and created a lighter approach with a sharp focus on ensuring that users of data understood their data needs, and could ensure that those creating and providing their data were giving them what they required.


    We reduced the number of data controls by 40% whilst still improving the data quality.

    The hot seat that needed filling, fast!

    When the Head of Data Governance had to take an extended period of leave, the Chief Data Officer needed support on business as usual activity, rolling out Data Governance, and facing into the GDPR programme.


    We worked with the business to identify Data Leaders, Data Owners and Data Stewards and provided them with training and guidance through a series of workshops and training sessions, both in person and remotely.


    We led a selection process for data governance tooling and supported its procurement followed by the initial training and implementation.


    Finally, we worked with the returning Head of Data Governance to recruit a new permanent hire as Data Governance Manager.

    The new business that needed to rapidly get mature

    The business unit was set up to be the focal point for data and analytics. It had inherited activity and processes from other parts of the group.


    Datazed created a data governance framework, wrote a new Data Policy with supporting documentation and ran a tool selection process for metadata and master data management.


    We then supported the CDO in identifying a high-calibre candidate to continue the activity as their Head of Data Governance.

    The implementation which needed another go

    This firm had brought in a large consultancy to design and implement data governance but this had been unsuccessful. The theory and the materials were great, but there was limited take up by the business, who were not engaged.


    We adapted and relaunched the data governance framework by putting a much stronger focus on the specifics of the industry and this particular organisation; and by engaging in detail with the data stakeholders.


    For the first time, business managers had someone who could follow up on have their data challenges. We assessed them for risk impact and business benefit, with a plan to resolve, mitigate or accept them.


    Now the firm's leadership could make decisions on where to invest from a position of knowledge.


    When the new perm Head of Data Governance started, the engagement was extended to cover his training and establishing a plan of action. Beyond this, we continue a mentoring relationship.


    Our final activity was to run the selection process for a Master Data Management (MDM) solution. We assessed the business and operational needs; agreed a long list of solutions; got this down to a shortlist of three for the firm's stakeholder team to meet; then developed the use cases leading to the final selection.