• I believe that data governance and data quality can grow your business by:

    - helping you to increase your revenues.

    - helping you to decrease your expenses.


    How can it do that? That's where I come in.


    My process:

    • Review your current approach and get a thorough understanding of your business' requirements.
    • Identify the gaps between where you are and where you need to be.  
    • Identify some "quick wins" so you can demonstrate prompt payback.
    • Develop a longer term plan to get you to a desirable steady state.
    • Support you on the journey to a sustainable future.

    Let's start with a no-obligation conversation to see how I can help you.


    My promise: If I can't help you, I won't pretend to - but I will endeavour to point you in the right direction and introduce you to someone who can.



  • some ideas of how i can help you

    Review your current approach to how data is collected, stored, managed and used

    Identify suitable software tools of benefit, based on needs, benefits, costs and complexity

    Build the business case for good quality data in your business

    Learn about the “art of the possible” when it comes to data

    Short-medium term coverage of data roles in your organisation

    Identify talent to build out your team

  • Partner with datazed

    Datazed may be new, but we have big plans.

    Are you a data expert?

    If you have expertise in the use of data in business, then please get in touch so we can consider you for future partnerships. This could include those of you who are already working independently, or those who are looking for part-time or ad hoc opportunities.


    This could include:

    • Data governance
    • Data analytics
    • Data visualisation
    • Data warehousing
    • Database development
    • Data protection and information security, including GDPR

    Do you have great software solutions?

    Datazed is keen to partner with software vendors who can offer great solutions that can help our clients. We are also interested in acting as implementation partners with you.




    International insurance intermediary company

    Data Governance consultancy services:

    • Created a data governance framework
    • Wrote the Data Policy and supporting documentation
    • Ran tool selection process for metadata and master data management.
    • Advisory services to the DPO.

    Large retail insurance company


    Interim cover for the Head of Data Governance, supporting the Chief Data Officer, on both business as usual activity and the GDPR programme.

    Large technology retail company

    Consultant April - September 2017


    Subject matter expert providing input to the client's multi-year data programme, including the creation of a Single Customer View (SCV); its GDPR programme; and the creation of a Data Centre of Excellence, which incorporates Data Management, Data Privacy and Information Security.

    Specialist insurance underwriting company


    Provided leadership and direction for data governance and data quality at this company; ensuring that data meets standards required from the business, internal risk controls, Solvency II and other regulatory requirements.


    • Piloting the use of data analytics in the business.
    • Implementation of master data, meta data and business glossary solutions.
    • Owner of the Solvency II data governance framework; Management of the Data Policy and EUC Policy;
    • Running our data governance council;
    • Owner of our Data Directory and Data Lineages;
    • Educating the business about data quality and how to get the most out of their data;
    • Owner of the Data Deficiency process (root cause analysis of data issues);
    • Oversee data quality controls activity.


  • Public speaking

    I have spoken at a number of conferences, and can help you with formal presentations, panel discussions and workshop facilitation.

    • Chief Data Officer Forum - Europe
    • Chief Analytics Officer Forum - Europe
    • RIMES Data Governance conference
    • dataqualitypro.com virtual conference
    • IRM MDM and Data Governance conference
    • Marcus Evans Data Management conference


    I am based in London, UK, but happy to work with those further afield by phone, web or video conference.

    London, UK
    +44 (0)7484 25 35 77
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